Hypnosis Drogheda

For help with mental health problems.

Are the thoughts of Monday morning spoiling Sunday evening?

Are you kept awake at night with racing thoughts, do you suffer from IBS, running to the bathroom before a meeting, anxious, worried, nervous, pounding heart, sweaty palms, dry mouth? At Drogheda Hypnosis, he vast majority of problems can be alleviated in 6 – 12 weekly one hour sessions. 

I Didn’t Believe Hypnosis Could Work

Until It Changed My Life

Dear Michael, 
I thought it was time I kept my promise and let you know how we are getting on. Samuel seems less distraught than he used to be. Still hates school – and is addicted to the computer, but I’m told that’s normal! He doesn’t seem to have had any dreams now either, so thank you. I gave up alcohol end of October and haven’t had a drink since – don’t miss it, rarely think about it and I feel great. 

My weight continues to drop, not sure how much more there is to go, but again I feel great. The re-decorating programme is also complete but dying the grass never really took off! I am no longer surrounded by my green, but by light airy space. Still making curtains, hopefully in time for Christmas…… The difference this has made to my home is enormous and I feel lighter, more creative and happier. Thank you for all you did for us and I hope all is well in your life. 

With warm regards

Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Pure Hypnoanalysis The most successful form of therapy available - Fast, Effective, Empowering.

Hypnosis Drogheda Michael Govers  Hypnotherapy mog57.com anxiety stress bulimiaAs a one time member of the IAH, International Association of HypnoAnalysts I practice two very different forms of therapy.

1. ‘Clinical Hypnosis’ (sometimes called Suggestion Therapy)
2. ‘Hypnoanalysis’ (a unique therapy only practised by the IAH)

Hypno-Analysis has been designed to
Help you heal your past
Live in the present
Shape your future

Suggestion Therapy:

Suggestion Therapy is ‘normal’ hypnotherapy. When you hear the term ‘hypnotherapy’ used in the media, they are (most often) referring to this type of therapy. Basically, you will be relaxed into a lovely, calm light hypnotic state (where you will be wide awake and fully in control – but nice and relaxed) and you will be given suggestions that will effect your behaviour/feelings once you are out of the hypnotic state – hence the term ‘post-hypnotic suggestion’.

The type of suggestion given will depend on the symptom you are wanting help with. If you are stopping smoking, a typical suggestion would be ‘you will feel a huge sense of pride and pleasure now you are a non smoker’ or ‘you will find it easy to live your life as a non smoker’. Note that ALL suggestions given will be completely positive, and worded very carefull in order to get the very best results. This type of therapy session is ideal for: smokers wishing to quit, a person suffering from pre-test nerves, someone wanting help with their driving test, or help with pain control – particulalry for childbirth.

Suggestion therapy can be very effective, but the results are only temporary – hence it is particularly useful when short-term benefits are needed(see above). 
Suggestion therapy only requires one, or maybe two sessions.

Pure Hypnoanalysis

Pure Hypnoanalysis is the single most effective form of therapy available in the world today, for the resolution of anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, eating disorders and other psychological and emotional problems/symptoms.

Pure Hypnoanalysis is a highly developed form of hypnoanalysis (sometimes called hypno-analysis or analytical hypnotherapy) Hypnoanalysis, in its various forms, is practised all over the world, though only IAPH Members are trained to practice the amazing ‘Pure’ version. To understand why Pure Hypnoanalysis is SO effective, please read the transcript.

This form of hypnotherapy can TOTALLY RESOLVE the CAUSE of unconscious anxieties – leaving the sufferer free of their symptoms for life!

Pure Hypnoanalysis usually takes 6-12 weekly sessions, lasting about an hour each.

I am SO confident about the speed and effectiveness of Pure Hypnoanalysis, that I will NEVER charge you for more than 12 sessions!

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