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Quit the habit in just one 90 minute hypnotherapy session now only €150

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Drogheda Easily, Quickly and Naturally

stop smoking drogheda

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Drogheda Louth and Meath, are you sick and tired of the struggle to stop smoking? Haven’t you had enough of the foul side-effects of chemically produced aids to stop smoking, manufactured by the tobacco companies?
Going cold turkey, how did that work out for you? At one time your family asked you to stop smoking, now they are screaming please start again., You were such great fun to be around back then, and so easy to live with, right?  

Please Note: Phillip Morris does not want you to quit smoking.

There again you may be one of thousands who are fed up being controlled by cigarettes.  Maybe, you have awoken to the realisation that you could be missing out on so much of life. Therefore, are you worried about exiting life prematurely? Imagine leaving your loved ones behind, missing out on watching your family grow, and have a family of their own.  

Do you feel like a social outcast, embarrassed, having to leave all social gathering?  Smiling as you go outside making a joke to cover just how self-conscious you feel?

For the Best Stop Smoking Drogheda Hypnosis Program

For your best chance to stop smoking first time. Have you tried to quit smoking using patches and gum only to fail again like the majority of smokers? Well then hypnotherapy may hold the answer for you. This therapy is quiet simply the best available.

The success rate is far higher than you might imagine. In fact, some surveys have shown it to be one of the most effective methods of quitting. No drugs are used and there are no side effects, many people experience no withdrawal symptoms or cravings.

Why hypnosis and not gum or patches to quit smoking?

Studies reported by *New Scientist, (which included 48 studies covering over 6000 smokers.) Over the years they have demonstrated time and again that hypnosis is by far the most effective method of quitting the habit for good with an 85% success rate in just one session! This contrasts with the low rates of 10% success for those using nicotine gum and 6% for willpower alone. In all honesty the patch is just a joke. You can still light up while the patch was on. Great! And they tested all methods available.

  • will power
  • doctors advice
  • nicotine gum
  • nicotine patches
  • acupuncture
  • positive thinking
  • placebos
  • e-cigarettes

Quit the Smoking Habit Drogheda

In the end, the conclusion was that “most techniques” turned out to be hopeless, as, hypnosis was head and shoulders above the rest.

Regarding E-cigarettes. The Irish Cancer Society cannot recommend them as a smoking cessation aid. As the long term consequences to health are unknown as yet.

Did you know E-cigarettes are not sold as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), but as a more justifiable  alternative to smoking? 

E-cigarettes are designed to satisfy your nicotine addiction, nothing more, nothing less. They deliver the same “hit” of nicotine. Thus you the user are still left with your nicotine addiction. How Lovely!

Stop Smoking at Hypnosis Drogheda 

This is a High Performance Stop Smoking Program designed to stop you smoking in just one 90 minute session. 

The total fee for this session is only €250, cash payment only for psychological reasons.

This stop smoking session is designed for smokers who have been to a simple hypnotist previously and who still smoke.  Should you require a booster session within 3 weeks of your initial session, then it is available to you at no extra cost! 

Believe it or not! The average smoker burns in excess of €4,000 a year on cigarettes, if not more. (cigarettes €12 x 7 =  €84!)  
1 year – €84 x 52 = €4368.00

Compare this to a car loan from the CU of €10.000 for only €46.56 weekly.  Approximately €2.400 a year! Food for thought.

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