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Skype Hypnotherapy with Michael Govers

Skype Hypnotherapy:
If coming into the office is not an option there are some hypnosis sessions that can be done via Skype. Please call for your free convenient phone consultation and to discuss the options best for you. Call 086 064 1208 to learn more.
Now in the comfort of your own home.  No more time taking from your day seeking child minders, travelling and the added stress of finding a parking space.

I offer a FREE 20-minute initial consultation so that we can ascertain.

  1. The suitability my therapy for your problem.
  2. The quality of the internet connection.
  3. Are we compatible, can we work together.

Comfort and Convenience:
There is nothing quite like having a therapist in the comfort and security of your own home. Here you can relax completely on your bed or sitting in your favourite armchair. You get to create the ideal environment just for you. No traffic, no rushing to get to an appointment and finding a suitable parking space. With a Skype session, you can now choose where and when to have your session.

Skype Hypnotherapy modest requirements.
If you don’t already have Skype it’s completely free to download.

A computer with a camera and an audio connection. (mic and headphones)

A suitable headset and camera.

A comfortable place to relax, your bedroom or your favourite armchair.

A quite space and time where you will not be disturbed for about an hour or so.
(This is of course your responsibility)

All I need is your time zone and three possible one-hour period’s when you are free.

A good quality internet connection.

A way to pay for your session via PayPal or credit card prior to our session.
(This can be completed after our Free 20 minute consultation)

Should you have any problems with the above, please feel free to contact me here.

Skype Sessions