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past life regression drogheda hypnosisWhy have Past Life Regression? Is there really such a thing as a previous life? There are so many views on Past Life Regression work. Deciding whether it is a right process for you is really personal.
Could a past life or the way you died there be the cause of today’s illnesses? 

Many say the those of us who have a fear of water, may have drowned in a past life, what if this drowning was as punishment for witchcraft? Do you have a constant cough or problems associated with neck pain, maybe you were hung as a highway man or guillotined as a member of the French nobility? 
Many people have a fascination with a specific period of history?  Whitechapel in London (1888 – 1891) where Jack the Ripper prowled for victims. This could explain away a morbid fear of the dark. 
Others are drawn to ancient Egypt and Cleopatra, did they help build the pyramids or were they buried in them? Others who go on holiday to foreign lands seem to know their way around the towns and cities, like a native, how can this be?

Have we really lived before or is it just a case of Cryptomnesia? Meaning, something we have read, a play or a movie we had seen and part of it impacted us so emotionally we identified with the subject, and over time we forgot all about it. But lurking in our mind is this memory, but it now takes on a different meaning. You believe that you were that person from a life long ago, the feeling is so strong that – what else could it be?

As a hypnotherapist it’s a very common occurrence for a client to lapse back into a previous life. One minute there talking about a getting the cane across their knuckles in school and a moment later, they have flashbacks to a different time! Where they are cleaning a chimney in Victorian London.

Over the years it’s been interesting to discover how the manner in which a person had died can be affecting their current life. 

Past Life Regression

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