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What is Past Life Regression?

Past life regression therapy is a technique employed by hypnotherapists skilled in regression techniques to help people recover memories from previous lives. It has been my experience that many of today’s mental health issues can be resolved by looking into the past.

Michael Govers Past Life Regression Expert

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About Michael

Michael has been a practicing Hypnotherapist since 1996 when he was awarded his diploma in evidence-based hypnotherapy from the International Association of  Hypno-Analysts (IAH).

Exploring the Miracles of Past Life Regression Therapy: Unveiling a Journey to Healing
Hey there, curious soul! Have you ever wondered about the stories your soul might tell if it could speak? Well, buckle up, because past life regression therapy is like a backstage pass to your soul’s greatest hits. In this article, we’re diving headfirst into the captivating world of past life regression therapy, uncovering its benefits, and sharing how it has transformed lives – including my own.
Unveiling the Mystery: What Is Past Life Regression Therapy?
Let’s start with the basics. Past life regression therapy isn’t about reincarnation and past lives in the literal sense. Instead, it’s a fascinating journey into your subconscious, where hidden memories, emotions, and experiences from this life or even beyond may reside. It’s like peeling back the layers of your psyche to discover the roots of your fears, habits, and challenges.
Personal Anecdote: 
I vividly remember a session with a client, Jenna. She had a recurring fear of water she couldn’t explain. During past life regression therapy, we uncovered a deeply buried memory of a past life where she faced a water-related tragedy. Through processing that memory, her fear started to dissolve. 
The Ripple Effect of Healing: Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy 
Unearth Healing from Within 
When you embark on a past life regression therapy journey, you’re essentially dusting off the cobwebs from the corners of your soul. Memories and emotions that have influenced your present life start to surface. It’s a bit like tidying up your mental attic, and trust me, the clarity it brings is invigorating. Personal Anecdote: Meet Alex, a client who battled unexplainable anxieties. As we navigated his past life memories, we uncovered a traumatic event that had cast a long shadow on his current life. By addressing and processing that memory, his anxieties began to lift. 
Unraveling Patterns and Traumas 
Ever felt like certain patterns repeat in your life? Maybe it’s a cycle of failed relationships or a career path that never quite fits. Past life regression therapy has a way of shedding light on these recurring themes. By recognizing and understanding them, you’re empowered to break free from the chains of the past. 
Personal Anecdote:
Rachel, a close friend, struggled with trusting people. Through past life regression, she revisited a lifetime where her trust was betrayed. That memory helped her make sense of her current trust issues, paving the way for her to heal and open up to new relationships. 
Healing Emotional Knots 
We all have those emotional knots – unresolved conflicts, fears, and grief that linger beneath the surface. Past life regression therapy offers a safe space to untangle these knots. By revisiting the origins of these emotions, you can release them and create space for emotional freedom. Personal Anecdote: During my own past life regression, I unearthed a deep-seated fear of abandonment that had echoed through lifetimes. Recognizing its source allowed me to heal and make peace with that fear, transforming how I relate to others. 
Gaining Insights and Clarity
Imagine if you could peek into a cosmic mirror that reflects your soul’s journey. Past life regression therapy offers precisely that – insights into your soul’s growth over lifetimes. This deeper understanding can shed light on your life’s purpose, relationships, and challenges. Personal Anecdote: Through a past life regression session, I learned about a past life where I was a healer. 
This insight deepened my connection to my current path as a therapist and hypnotherapist, reinforcing my purpose. Stepping into Your Healing Journey: 
Is Past Life Regression for You? 
If you’re intrigued by the idea of peering into the depths of your soul and uncovering the stories it holds, past life regression therapy might be the key. It’s a journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth. Whether you’re seeking to heal emotional wounds, understand recurring patterns, or gain clarity on your life’s path, this therapy offers a unique window into your soul’s journey. 
Remember, it’s not about proving or disproving past lives – it’s about healing the present by exploring the depths of your subconscious. So, if you’re ready to take that leap and explore the uncharted territories of your soul, past life regression therapy might just be the adventure you’ve been waiting for. Embrace the journey, and may it lead you to the healing and transformation you seek.
Unlocking the Wonders of Past Life Regression Therapy in Ireland: A Journey to Healing

Welcome, fellow explorers of the unknown! Have you ever pondered the tales your soul could recount if it could converse? Prepare to be enthralled, as we embark on a profound expedition into the realm of past life regression therapy. In this piece, we’ll delve into the marvels of this therapy, highlight its advantages, and share insightful experiences, drawn from both my expertise and the teachings of esteemed past life expert, Dr. Brian Weiss.

Embarking on a Spiritual Odyssey: Unveiling Past Life Regression Therapy in Ireland

Let’s commence our journey by demystifying past life regression therapy. Contrary to a literal interpretation of reincarnation, it offers a captivating voyage into your subconscious. Here, concealed memories, emotions, and experiences from this life or even beyond may lay dormant. It’s akin to peeling away layers of your psyche to uncover the origins of your fears, habits, and life’s challenges.

Intimate Narratives from the Inner Sanctum: Glimpses of Past Life Experiences

As a seasoned past life practitioner akin to Dr. Brian Weiss, I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations. A poignant story comes to mind – that of Jenna, a client gripped by an inexplicable fear of water. Through past life regression, we unearthed a submerged memory of a past life marked by a water-related tragedy. By confronting this memory, Jenna’s fear began to dissolve, a testament to the therapy’s power.

The Ripple Effect of Healing: Illuminating the Rewards of Past Life Regression Therapy

Unearthing Inner Healing

Engaging in past life regression therapy is akin to dusting off the cobwebs of your soul’s corners. Memories and emotions that shape your current life begin to resurface. Picture it as decluttering your mental attic, yielding a refreshing clarity.

Revelations Beyond Time

Have you sensed recurring life patterns? Past life regression therapy illuminates these patterns. By comprehending and addressing them, you can unshackle yourself from their grasp.

Untying Emotional Knots

We all bear emotional burdens – unresolved conflicts, fears, and grief. Past life regression therapy serves as a safe haven for unraveling these knots. Confronting their origins grants you the freedom to release them, fostering emotional liberation.

Crystal Clarity and Insights

Envision gazing into a cosmic mirror that reflects your soul’s odyssey. Past life regression therapy offers precisely that – insights into your soul’s evolution over countless lifetimes. This newfound understanding can illuminate your life’s purpose, relationships, and trials.

Embarking on Your Personal Healing Quest: Is Past Life Regression in Ireland Right for You?

If the notion of delving into your soul’s depths and unearthing its narratives entices you, past life regression therapy could be your beacon. It’s a voyage of self-discovery, healing, and growth. Whether you seek solace for emotional scars, insight into recurring cycles, or clarity regarding your life’s trajectory, this therapy unveils a portal to your soul’s voyage.

Remember, it’s not about validating or refuting past lives – it’s about healing the present by delving into your subconscious depths. Should you be ready to embrace the uncharted territories of your soul, past life regression therapy might just be the transformative escapade you’ve yearned for. Eagerly seize the journey, and let it guide you toward the healing and metamorphosis you seek.


Navigating the Path Ahead: Your Voyage Through Past Life Regression in Ireland

As you embark on this soulful expedition through past life regression in the enchanting landscapes of Ireland, remember that your experience will be as unique as the tapestry of your own life. Just as the Celtic landscapes hold mysteries and histories, so does your soul.

Preparing for Your Past Life Journey

Before delving into the depths of your subconscious, it’s essential to prepare. Find a reputable and experienced past life regression therapist in Ireland, someone who understands the nuances of this profound practice. A skilled guide can help you navigate the intricacies of your inner world, just as an experienced sailor navigates uncharted waters.

Sailing the Seas of the Subconscious: Your Past Life Session

Once you’re ready to set sail, your past life regression session will begin. Picture this as a voyage of the mind, where you’ll be gently guided into a relaxed state, akin to the trance of a bard weaving tales by an Irish fireside. As your consciousness drifts, the boundaries between past and present may blur, revealing glimpses of forgotten chapters.

Stories of the Soul: Unveiling Past Life Memories

In the realm of the subconscious, the stories of your soul await. These stories might emerge as vivid memories, emotions, or even symbolic visions. Just as the ruins of ancient castles dotting the Irish landscape reveal echoes of bygone eras, your past life memories can unveil echoes of experiences that have shaped your soul’s journey.

The Healing Dance with Time: Processing and Transforming

Much like the dance of the ancient Celtic rituals, the healing journey within past life regression therapy is a harmonious rhythm. Memories that rise to the surface may be challenging or enlightening, yet each one has a purpose. With the guidance of your therapist, you’ll have the opportunity to process and release the emotions tied to these memories, allowing healing and growth to flow like a tranquil Irish river.

Nurturing Your Inner Landscape: Post-Regression Reflections

After your past life regression session, take time to reflect, much as you would while gazing upon the serene beauty of the Irish countryside. Journal your experiences, capturing the emotions, sights, and sensations that surfaced. These reflections are like delicate wildflowers that you can nurture and carry with you as you continue your journey.

Embracing the Ongoing Odyssey: Integration and Transformation

Remember that your past life regression experience is not merely a momentary voyage; it’s an ongoing odyssey. Just as the Irish seasons shift and landscapes transform, your inner landscape will also evolve. Integrate the insights and healing gained from your past life regression into your daily life. Let it influence your choices, perspectives, and interactions, like the enduring spirit of the Irish people.

A Blessing for Your Journey

May your exploration of past life regression in Ireland be a tapestry woven with threads of healing and self-discovery. Just as the ancient Irish believed in the interconnectedness of all things, may you find connections within yourself that lead to profound transformation. Whether you walk the bustling streets of Dublin or the serene shores of the Wild Atlantic Way, may your past life journey be a guiding light, revealing the beauty and resilience of your soul.

As you venture forth, remember that the stories of your past are but chapters in the grand epic of your soul’s journey. With past life regression as your compass, may you navigate towards a future enriched with understanding, healing, and boundless growth. Sláinte to your soul’s voyage!

Others seem to know the above scenarios are real and want to address them. Please bear in mind that I only guide you to that place in history, the story that ultimately unfolds is of your own making. Please note: I never direct your journey as this is one you take by yourself either as a spectator or as an individual, the choice is yours. 

For those who just want to explore past life regression, we just get on with it. For those who want to explore the possible cause of a current problem, then I ask them to make a list of conditions or problems they are facing in life at this moment. Take one topic from your list and make this the intention of your past life regression. 

Past Life Regression

What does a past life regression session entail?

Just like any other hypnotherapy session, it will involve you entering hypnosis, which is a beautiful relaxing state to enjoy. Just know that going into hypnosis in itself is a very therapeutic experience.

Once nicely relaxed I will regress you back in time to a former existence. Having said that, it is you who decides where you go. It’s as if I’m the car and you are its driver with a map! 

Then once we reach our destination it is you once again who controls what happens, I am just there to aid this discovery and help you explore what you find.

There are many out there who belittle past Life Regression and say it’s all nonsense. I too was of this thinking many years ago, but then, I couldn’t help rid my mind of a scene from the 1930s.  I’m sitting beneath an old oak tree smoking a pipe and watching cricket! Now I don’t smoke and can’t stand cricket.

Then I came across a guy called Dr. Brian Wiess a psychiatrist who was having difficulty with a client of his. Eventually, his client persuaded him to try past life regression, and as they say, the rest is history. 

Dr. Brian Weiss is a highly respected psychiatrist from what can be considered the mainstream medical establishment.

In Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr. Weiss tells the true story of Catherine, a 27-year-old woman with many emotional problems, phobias, and anxieties. During the sessions, Catherine uncovers a very dark and disturbing past.

Does Past Life Regression Exist?

Many people out there look upon past life regression as nothing more than Cryptomnesia, crypt as in buried, and amnesia as in forgotten. Something buried and then forgotten about. 

Imagine if you will that after reading a book or watching a movie you had fallen in love with the hero. So much so that you actually fantasize about being that character. 

Children as we know have amazing imaginations and as such can live this character for many weeks. Then some new fad takes it place. Just to steal a line from Puff The Magic Dragon, Dragons live forever but not so little boys. Yes, we all grow up, but that happening of years ago had such a strong impact upon a young mind it can now seem like a read memory of a past life. 

10 signs you may have lived a past life.

  • 1: Your handwriting changes when taking notes?
  • 2: Your intuition is stronger than most.
  • 3: Your body just doesn’t feel right for you.
  • 4: You have a strong passion for a different culture.
  • 5: You have a strong 6th sense.
  • 6: You dream vividly about a past life.
  • 7: To many unexplained coincidences.
  • 8: Unexplained abilities.
  • 9: People come and go in your life.
  • 10: You keep repeating the same mistakes.
Past Life Regression

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