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questions hypnosis drogheda mog57.comListed below are some Frequently Asked Questions asked by the various people seeking assistance from hypnotherapy.  
Since hypnosis is not an exact science, therefore theses answers may be at odds with others out there.

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which means sleep. It was coined by a Scottish Doctor James Braid (1795 – 1860).  Upon returning to his surgery one evening he noticed his patient staring into the flame of a candle. Although his eyes were open he resembled all the signs of sleep. Whilst hypnosis is not sleep the word soon caught on and it became part of the collective psyche. Believe it or not, hypnosis achieves very little in a therapeutic setting, apart from being very relaxing and highly recommended.  

There again, It can be described as:
An altered state of relaxation at one with a heightened awareness induced by suggestion and co-operation, and with an non addictive power for good. 

There again, It can be described as:
A bypass of critical thinking to facilitate the acceptance of agreeable suggestions.
It would appear that every training school out there has its own definition of what hypnosis is. The laughable part is they all seem to think they own it, whatever it is! 

So the question should be, What is Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy, is a therapy carried out while a subject is in the state of hypnosis.

There are two main types of therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy and Analytical Hypnotherapy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy or (suggestion therapy)
This is used for simpler problems such as taking an exam like a driving test or your Leaving Cert. Perhaps you need to give a speech at a friend wedding, or a presentation in your job. Here again suggestion therapy can be very beneficial and requires just a couple of sessions. 

Analytical Hypnotherapy (Hypnoanalysis)
This approach goes in  search of the root cause of a person’s problems. Bear in mind that the symptom you consult a therapist with, it is not what is wrong with you. What is wrong with you is that which is causing this symptom. Something buried in the lower reaches of your subconscious mind. With this approach we work together to find and remove the cause of your problem. Using hypnosis, regression to cause and free association. 
By approaching your problem in this fashion we will bring about a complete cessation of your condition. So much so, that you will ever wonder if it was a problem in the first place.

What does hypnosis feel like?
Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience but probably not what you might be expecting. You will be fully conscious of what is being said to you and retain a complete record of everything afterwards. You will be in full control at all times but feel very deeply relaxed. Imagine your alarm clock going off in the morning and you just roll over for another five minutes. That is hypnosis, in ever sense of the word. This is why I call it Conscious Hypnosis, and dislike the use of the word Trance!

Is Hypnosis medically approved?

Is Hypnosis medically approved?
Hypnosis was first officially recognised as a viable therapeutic tool by the British Government in 1952 through the Hypnotisim Act. Also Pope Piux 12th in 1957 and again in 1958 was in favour of hypnosis, as a tool for pain free childbirth!

My mind is always on the go, will I be able to relax?
At first you may well be thinking is this working or am I being hypnotised and this is perfectly normal? There are many techniques used to induce hypnosis, so your mind and body will eventually settle and you will be left feeling very comfortable, peaceful and relaxed.

Will I be in control and will I remember anything? 
Believe it or not, you will be totally in control. You will hear everything that is said to you and have total recall of the session. Some people believe they go into a trance like state, nothing could be further from the truth. You are not unconscious, therefore you do not surrender your will, your morals your codes or your ethics to the therapist. Ultimately, you are the one who has control. Because you have volunteered to enter this state you can also terminate it by simply opening your eyes. So you have nothing to worry about.

More, Frequently Asked Questions,  What makes a good hypnotic subject?

Do I need to do anything to prepare for my hypnotherapy?
Not at all, all that is required is a desire to be hypnotised and a willingness to relax and follow simple instructions. It really is this simple. I would ask you to close your eyes and then I would suggest that various parts of your body relax. Of course, I can make the suggestions, but it is you who allows the relaxation to take place. So with this in mind, all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, a guided fantasy if you will. Therefore, why not relax and just let it happen, you’ll be glad you did.

Can I be made to do anything against my will?
No, definitely not. If I or any other therapist  suggested something that violates your morals, codes, values, or ethics, you would simply spring up and open your eyes. And if people could be made to act in a manner contrary to their normal day to day routine. Then we would have a model society, where prisons no longer existed!

Is it safe for me to drive home afterwards? 
Yes of course it is. You may well be feeling very relaxed and contented but your reactions will return to normal immediately after the session concludes.

Just how many sessions would I need before I see a positive change?

How Many Sessions Does it Take? (Possibly one of the most Frequently Asked Questions)
Simple problems like driving test nerves, giving a best man’s speech at a wedding, stop smoking and some weight problems. Requires approximately 1 – 2 sessions. Perhaps with a booster later on.

More deep rooted problems like phobias, stutters, stammers, anxiety attacks, emotional problems, will take anything from 8-12 weekly one hour sessions. I am so confident that a complete and lasting release from your condition will be achieved within that time frame. And should therapy proceed beyond 12 weekly one hour sessions, I will not charge you. Mind you there is an upper limit.

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