Depression Drogheda Hypnotherapy

Drogheda Hypnotherapy Helping Depression

Depression Drogheda Hypnotherapy
Depression can be a life-draining experience for many who struggling with this condition as part of everyday life.  Do you feel like you have a ‘black cloud’ hanging over you? Do you long for that cloud to be lifted so could see that ‘light at the end of the tunnel? Clinical Depression, my desire to help people comes from my own personal experience of sleepless nights where the stresses of the day raced through my thoughts. Anxious and nervous over nothing at all well at least nothing tangible. Whatever happened to the person I once was, where did he go?

Michael Govers Past Life Regression Expert

Michael Govers dhp phh qbe

Consultant in Analytical & Clinical Hypnotherapy

About Michael

Michael has been a practicing Hypnotherapist since 1996 when he was awarded his diploma in evidence-based hypnotherapy from the International Association of  Hypno-Analysts (IAH).

Can Hypnosis Help Depression?

This is how it can be for the observer of someone who’s suffering from clinical depression. There you are a shell of your former self, no longer interacting with your surroundings or loved ones. And no one can gain access to the once bubbly you.

Depression is something we do to get away from the hurly burly of every-day life, when it becomes too much for us. In this instance, it can be viewed as a friend. Retreat into our cave and recover when the stresses of life become too much. But for goodness sake do not stay in your cave any longer than is necessary. If you do this is when its becomes your foe! Yes, indeed the world is a nasty place, but no one has to take on the problems of the world

Are you Depression Aware?

Did you know that one-third of the population (36%) watch depressing soaps, coupled with the atrocities of the real world, brought into our homes by radio and television daily? On top of this we have our own personal problems. 
As mentioned previously, if you are constantly talking about your own personal problems, it’s as if they are happening all over again and again, as if it was for the very first time. STOP IT! Let it go and move on.

Imagine the following scenario if you will! 
I’m not one to talk but wait till I tell you. Tom’s away from Mary, I don’t believe you, it’s true – it’s almost as bad as your woman in Eastenders. Fantasy and reality never were good bedfellows. If this is all that’s in your life “doom and gloom”, I’m not surprised you are depressed.

If you socialise with depressing people, they will take you down. Get away from the soaps, go for a walk instead, because as you rightly know, you are missing nothing. The same scenarios are played out all over the globe through the various soaps with predictable regularity, spaced out at six-monthly intervals. 

Depression Aware Therapy Drogheda and Treatment

A friend of mine told me the following story some years ago.
His wife (now ex) was complaining he spent too much time tinkering around with an old car he was restoring. She asked him to give it up and spend more time with his family, (her).

Right he said, perhaps she has a point. So, the next evening he walked into the sitting room and started a conversation with his wife (now ex). Her reply was “can’t this wait until my soaps are finished?”

If you want something to happen in your life “you” need to make time and space for it. So, if you want to be free of your depression, act and act now. Nothing is going to change until you take action! Just a note, if you are waiting for conditions to be perfect before going for a walk. This is as good as its going to get, get moving, you are not made of sugar and wont melt. 

  • Get walking
  • Engage with other people
  • Take up an evening class
  • Get back to your hobbies
  • Learn to dance

Get walking is possibly the best one to start with as you can do this alone and at any time which suits you. Load up some music onto your phone or mp3 player as a company along the way. Disco, funk, glam rock, swing, hip hop, punk, but and this is very important – no soppy love songs! You get the idea! We need to be encouraged, not discouraged. Get out of the house every evening before 7.00 pm and just take it easy on yourself.
Initially, you won’t want to be there, I know I didn’t and my body language testified to this, as will yours. All slumped over and shuffling along with my dark passenger the old man beside me. But, I straighten up, got into the groove with the music, and soon things started to change.

Don’t just listen to the music but feel the vibes, get into the groove and let it drive you on. For me, I can still remember KC and the Sunshine Band Queen of Clubs. It made me walk with purpose as if I was in a rush to get somewhere. This of course fired up the happy emotions.  

  • Dopamine:
    By setting yourself small realistic goals you fire off this one. So, clean the kitchen!
  • Serotonin:
    This mood-boosting neurotransmitter, daily exercise like a brisk walk will do wonders for your mood. So walk as though you were in a hurry to get somewhere.
  • Oxycontin:
    To stimulate the release of Oxycontin just spend time with a loved one and enjoy the company of a pet. Being kind to others is all it takes.
  • Estrogen:
    It helps form serotonin (2) and protects you from irritability and anxiety, keeping your mood steady.
  • Progesterone:
    This helps you to prevents anxiety, irritability, and mood swings also helps you to sleep well.