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Binge Eating Drogheda

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Binge Eating Drogheda

binge eating disorder, anorexia, bulimia,, drogheda, louth, meath, dublin,Binge-eating disorder is characterized by recurrent binge-eating episodes during which a person feels a loss of control over his or her eating.

Unlike bulimia, binge-eating episodes are not followed by purging, excessive exercise or fasting. As a result, people with binge-eating disorder often are overweight or obese. They also experience guilt, shame and/or distress about the binge-eating, which can lead to more binge-eating. Obese people with binge-eating disorder often have coexisting psychological illnesses including anxiety, depression and personality disorders. In addition, links between obesity and cardiovascular disease and hypertension are well documented.

Treatment for Binge Eating!

are similar to those used to treat bulimia. Hypnoanalysis is a very powerful treatment method for the removal of the underlying cause of this problem. Patients with binge-eating disorder also may be prescribed appetite suppressants. Psychotherapy, especially CBT, which usually address only the symptom and the client is shown how to manage at best.

Reproduced with the kind permission of NIMH