Bed Wetting Drogheda and Childrens Problems

bed wetting children's problems

From time to time I get calls from parents asking if hypnosis could help their child to stop bed wetting? My first question is, how old is your child? If he or she is 6/7 and up then it is very possible I can help. Children make amazing hypnotic subjects, because they have such a rich and fertile imagination. Because of this they go into hypnosis at the drop of a hat and accept suggestions easily. Most children’s problems can be alleviated in just one or two sessions. From bed wetting to refusing to toilet train, school fears, nightmares, shyness. Please bear in mind that your child has his or her own personality. This we cannot change.

So is your child suffering from bed wetting, night mares, stutters, stammers, nail biting, anger outbursts, shyness, lack of confidence, poor study habits, or an eating disorder?

Just like you and I, children also have problems and may very well benefit from hypnotherapy. Children make wonderful subjects when it comes to hypnosis, because just like us when younger, they are in and out of hypnosis every day, do you remember looking out of the class room window daydreaming?

The Blowaway technique was devised particularly for use with children from the age of around seven or eight to sixteen although it can be very successful with younger children as long as they have a reasonable attention span. It is a very gentle non-intrusive therapy that produces positive cumulative results within a short space of time.

When I see children in my practice I always insist that both parents and/or carers attend. The reason for this is to facilitate a subconscious change within the family dynamics. It is so important that the whole family is behind the child’s treatment program. To bring about change then there needs to be a change in the family relationship. If the child changes and the family retrain the status quo, then the changes will be short lived.
Below are just a few of the many mental health conditions that respond favourably to the Blow Away technique. 

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