About Michael Govers Hypnotherapy

About Michael Govers

Having lived a life of quiet desperation, from anxiety to mild depression, no get up and go, comfort eating and sleepless nights with a racing mind.  Michael thought that with the dawning of each new day circumstances would change, they never did. Then through a series of misadventures Michael found a therapy that would change his life forever and for the better. Having ended decades of anxiety, social awkwardness, mild depression, lack of confidence and a get up and go, Michael decided this is where his passion would lie and it did.

Having trained with world leaders in their filed, Neil French the author of Successful Hypnotherapy. A Quote from Gil Boyne the late, great, author of ‘Transforming Therapy’:  “Neil French, your pioneering work in the UK has created an international reputation. I salute you.”.
Terence Watts author and trainer of WSN Worrier Settler Nomad, plus Smashing Depression and BWRT BrainWorking Recursive Therapy, the biggest approach to hit therapy in decades.
John Prendergast
 therapist and coach for without whose help and guidance this Bio would not have been written. John really is one of the good guys and very amenable.
Then there’s George Kappas from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute (HMI) whose father coined the definition of hypnosis (1968) which stands the test of time in America today.

Combined qualifications and experience in evidence based Hypnotherapy I have thousands of therapy sessions behind me with more than 2500 face to face inductions. Helping real people create real lives, as well as decades of personal experience with anxiety and lacking confidence to draw upon. This gives him a unique insight into the mind and human suffering, how to break through and build success.

His desire to help comes from his personal experience of too many nights awake, mind racing, panic, low motivation, and avoiding too much of life while still suffering from anxiety. Combined with the tremendous satisfaction that comes from helping clients enjoy life, where once they suffered. This drives Michael on to help as many people as possible through his work on a one to one basis.

Michael is always happy to talk with people about what can change and how life can be made better. Feel free to contact him on 086 064 1208 or email mog57@live.ie www.mog57.com

To get more information on hypnosis for stressanxietydepression, weight loss, quit smoking, call Michael now on: 086 064 1208

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