About Michael Govers DHP

Analytical and Clinical Hypnotherapist in Drogheda

Greetings and welcome. I consider it a privilege to potentially work with you, and in the spirit of reciprocity, allow me to share a little about myself.

I am Michael Govers DHP, a Clinical and Analytical Hypnotherapist with an illustrious 28-year tenure in clinical practice. My services extend to online video therapy for individuals spanning children, teenagers, and adults.

While some jest that I am the world’s greatest hypnotherapist, attributed to both family and friends, my journey to this profession has been characterized by genuine dedication and perseverance. The practice of therapy is not a domain for hasty weekend courses that merely teach script reading. Indeed, the effectiveness of a generic, one-size-fits-all script pales in comparison to the results attainable from freely accessible web MP3s.

Michael Govers DHP PHH QBE: Consultant in Analytical & Clinical Hypnotherapy

A Brief Insight into Michael

My venture into Hypnotherapy began in 1996 when I achieved my diploma in evidence-based hypnotherapy from the International Association of Hypno-Analysts (IAH). The role of a therapist necessitates an extraordinary individual capable of empathetic, impartial listening, and non-judgmental engagement with the challenges of others. This equilibrium is sustained through our own experiences in therapy, mirroring the transformative journey we aim to guide you through. As Carl Jung aptly stated, “You cannot take your clients any further than you have been yourself.”

My aspiration for your mental well-being is unwavering. Whether you seek aid for social anxiety, stress, depression, or a yearning for enhanced control over your life, I may offer the assistance you desire.

At Drogheda Hypnotherapy, my services encompass addressing fears, phobias, initial stage nervous disorders like IBS, smoking cessation, weight management, and confidence enhancement.

It is crucial to acknowledge that while hypnotherapy is a potent avenue for positive transformation, it stands alongside other modalities such as counseling, CBT, and psychiatry in its potential to facilitate beneficial change through open communication.

My Drive for Mental Health Advocacy

My commitment to this field emerges from a genuine affinity for people. Personal struggles with mental health challenges propelled me through the crucible of therapy, emerging as a transformed individual. This experience cultivated a deeper understanding, empathy, and compassion for others. Witnessing the gradual dissolution of clients’ symptoms and their emergence into well-being remains profoundly gratifying. Observing their interactions with loved ones evolve substantiates the healing journey.

My initiation into this realm was serendipitous. While working in a prominent psychiatric hospital in southern England, I was introduced to clinical and pastoral counseling. Despite its merits, I yearned for something more. A fateful encounter with an advert led me to Neil French’s “Successful Hypnotherapy – An investigation of mankind under the microscope of hypnosis.” This marked the genesis of my enduring passion, now spanning 27 years. Reflecting on the transformations achieved where conventional medicine faltered continues to astonish me.

Foundations of My Mental Health Training

My formative education transpired with IAH, Europe’s premier hypnoanalysis group at the time. I earned diplomas in Hypnotherapy, Hypno-Analysis, and Psychotherapy in March 1996. Since then, I have aided countless individuals in conquering diverse emotional challenges. My specialization encompasses anxiety alleviation, past-life regression, healing childhood traumas, and addressing clerical abuse.

If you are contemplating how my expertise could benefit you, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You can contact me at my mobile number 07780 790 180 or fill out my contact form, and I’ll promptly return your call.

Continued Learning

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Corporate Stress Management
  • Reiki Healing
  • Past Life Regression
  • Bereavement Counselling
  • Subliminal Recording Techniques
Michael Govers Past Life Regression Expert

Michael Govers dhp phh qbe

Consultant in Analytical & Clinical Hypnotherapy

About Michael

Michael has been a practicing Hypnotherapist since 1996 when he was awarded his diploma in evidence-based hypnotherapy from the International Association of  Hypno-Analysts (IAH).